The provincial key disciplines

| Date:2013-08-01

Environmental Engineering

Research area I Water pollution control theory and techmology

Research area II Air pollution prevention and control technology

Research area III Environmental monitoring bio-sensor technology

Research area Green catalysis and separation theory and techonlogy


Chemical Technology

Research area IMultiphase Transport and Reaction Process

Research area IICatalytic and Clean technology

Research area IIIResearch on photocatalytic materials preparation and photocatalytic reaction


Computer Software and Theory

Research area I Technology on computer detection and control

Research area II Technology on data mining and optimization

Research area III Intelligent information processing and cloud computing


Fermentation Engineering

Research area I Enzyme technology and development of excellent microbial strains

Research area IIOptimization and innovation of fermentation technology

Research area IIIBrewing engineering and food fermentation


Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Research area I
: Advanced manufacturing technology and equipment
Research area II
:Manufacturing system Integration and automation
Research area III
 Detection and fault diagnosis of machinery products


Quantitative Economics

Research area I The theory and method of quantitative economy

Research area II Economic early-warning model and factor evaluation

Research area III Analysis and optimization of the economic system


Textile Engineering

Research area IResearch and Development on Functional Textiles

Research area IIEco-friendly Textile Wet Processing Technology 

Research area IIIComposite Polymers and their Manufacturing Technology 


Medicinal Chemistry

Research area I  Drug design and QSAR

Research area II Research on Drug Synthetic Methodology

Research area III Study on drug quality


Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

Research area I Detection of process parameters and intelligent control technology

Research area II Application of the theory of motion control and complex system

Research area III Inspection and evaluation technology and the status of electrical equipment



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